🎗 Denia – Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO


In Dénia, the best seafood and the Valencian fruit and vegetable products merge, resulting in a clear example of the rich variety and deliciousness of the Mediterranean diet.

Dénia highlight the famous red prawn, or the exceptional “arròs a banda” (seafood paella), among other culinary specialties which blend tradition and quality such as the “espencat” (grilled vegetables: pepper, tomato, aubergine, onion), “la llandeta” (seafood stew), the “suquet de peix” (seafood/fish stew), the sea urchins, dried octopus, etc.

These succulent dishes can be sampled in over 300 restaurants in the city, which prepare the most varied recipes of the local, national and international cuisine. Dénia is undoubtedly a genuine gastronomy environment in which the latest trends by Gourmet Chefs have emerged with a major presence.

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