Hotel Las Arenas, Valencia


Hotel de 5* Gran Lujo en la playa de Las Arenas en Valencia. The Hotel has a variety of private spaces, each with its own special and exclusive character, which offer you a distinctive, intimate atmosphere.

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Open all the year.
Eugenia Viñes 22-24, 46011 Valencia

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We have frequently groups there from UK and USA. They enjoy the luxury, the beach in front of, the party zone beside and the ex Americans Cup Port around the corner.

Its not always easy to get reliable reservations for a larger group. Let me help you to organize or ask me to find everything you need to know about having a good stay with your team.

Norberto Moreau is co-founder of the Allied Management Ltd Consulting Group (Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Spain). The group and his associates have activities in Yachting, Properties, Events and Online Services.

Activity with own projects (70%) / consulting (30%). Available for consulting in various countries.

In-House Consulting:
⭐️ Building incentive system to motivate sales teams,
⭐️ Improving Group Business for Hotels, Gastronomies, Clubs etc.,
⭐️ Location Management for Film Teams.

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