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CityInsiderXYZ focus on coastal cities in the Mediterranean and Asia. We organize activities at sea and land. By example, business incentives, corporate events, coaching seminars, private celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries etc. with groups of 10-80 people.
The page is also a reference catalogue for CharterEventos.

Allied Management Ltd
Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
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(+852) 8193-2201
Limited Liability Company by Shares registered in Hong Kong (Registration No. 721727).

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Website Story

CityInsiderXYZ was launched 2016 by Norberto Moreau due to the demand of corporate clients.

Most of our clients we know since 2009 through our yacht charter agency CharterEventos, others through our yachting magazine NauticWebNews, where we report about fairs and their locations.

Over the years we had groups from USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, China etc. In most cases …
  • Executives from the 2nd and 3rd management level
  • Incentives for Sales Teams celebrating success and being prepared with lifestyle programs for new production targets
  • Groups of Entrepreneurs with a separate program for partners or family
  • Film- and TV Teams beside the Location Management.
  • private celebrations like anniversaries or birthdays.
  • Sport & Yacht Clubs.
All activities were made on demand of existing contacts. Until now there was no intention to grow in the event business using marketing tools. But as it is joyful having happy clients in events or incentives there could be a move forward.
norbertomoreauNorberto Moreau is co-founder of the Allied Management Ltd Consulting Group (Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Spain). The group and his associates have activities in Yachting, Properties, Events and Online Services.
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NICE TO MEET YOU! – Interact to know us better!
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WeChat id:norbertomoreau

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Thursday May 12th, 2016
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