Event Planning

We organize events at sea and land in various coastal cities. By example, business incentives, corporate events, coaching seminars with groups of 10-80 people.
Our groups in recent years:

  • Executives from the 2nd and 3rd management level
  • Incentives for Sales Teams celebrating success and being prepared with lifestyle programs for new production targets
  • Groups of Entrepreneurs with a separate program for partners or family
  • Film- and TV Teams beside the Location Management.
  • Company anniversaries and family celebrations.

The dynamic and professional team of freelancers in each city gives us flexibility to make arrangements on different locations.

Through our Magazine NauticWebNews covering Regattas and Fairs we have since years good personal contacts to reliable companies in various regions of the Mediterranean.

Budget Management

We work out a detailed and transparent proposal with:

event description, our company duties, pricing details, payment schedule, cancellation rules, brand promotions, contract modifications on the go, applicable law etc.


We are used to arrange:

  • Venues
    Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs & Bars, Sports Centers, Outdoor Centers, Castles, Auditoriums, Country Estates, Beach Platforms, Places of Interest, etc.

  • Catering
    Food, Fingerfood, Beverages, Cocktails, Wine Tasting, Party Gifts, Decoration, etc.

  • Entertainment
    Musicians,  Singers, DJs, Karaoke, Models, Shows, Celebrities, Animation, Cultural Activities, Team Activities, etc.

  • Professionals
    Hostesses, Photographers, Security Personnel, Personal Shoppers, Speakers, Translators & Interpreters, Wellness, Health Coach, Medical Care, Staff for Events, etc.

  • Watersports
    Jet skiing, paddle boarding, diving, fishing, paddling, parasailing, rowing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, wakeboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing, and other water sports.

  • Tech Setup
    Light and Sound, Wifi for Events, Audio-visual Equipment, Tents, Air Conditioning, Heating, Design & Decoration, Stages, Platforms, Corporate Gifts, Furniture, Flowers, Cloakroom, Toilet Rental, Digital Printing, IT Equipment Rental, Software for Events, Websites with Registration, Polling Systems, Certifications, Audiovisual Streaming, Audiovisual Production, Access Control, Special Effects & Pyrotechnics, Generators, Event Insurance, Equipment for Tech Setup, etc.

  • Transportation
    Yacht Charter, Cruisers Charter, Cruisers Booking, Air Transports, Bus Rentals, Minibus Rental, Car Rentals, Luxury Car Rentals, Promotional Vehicles, Taxis, etc.

  • Additional Services
    … on demand.
    Please let us know what you need and what additional services you want.

How do you imagine your event?

Send us an email with your event plans. We will answer as soon as possible. Let us surprise you!
But don´t care, the only required field is the E-mail. We also can talk about the details by telephone or video conference.

Ask us! Give us your ideas!

(we listed many services we can provide above.)

Some event details

How many days you stay with the group?

What date, month or timeframe?

How many persons?

You have extra participants through the day?

Average budget for one person a day in € (without hotel)

Need for a separate program for accompanying persons / partners?

Mention some outdoor activities you would like to have

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Wednesday August 21st, 2019
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