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Collaboration to get more international clients!

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What we can do for you!

We have the magic formula for your business to increase your income in a stable and exponential way.

We are dedicated on 3 fundamental Marketing topics:

  • We capture incentives of international groups and residents from October to June for your company.
    The objective is a stable tourist business throughout the year.
    • We organize incentives for groups from various countries
    • We do venue management for international event agencies

  • We adapt your Social Media activities for international clients.
    Focusing on tricks how to deal and understand the mentality of foreign clients.

  • We promote your company through our Social Media Channels.
    (with all details like web, social medias, email, telephone, address etc.)
    Means, our clients as well as international event agencies read about you!
Increase your business quickly by 20-30%!

Ask us for details and prices as every company has another volumen.

Social Media Management is much more than just posting something if you want to see results. I talk every day to clients selecting restaurants and hotels to stay with their group. I know what nationality focus on what.
Norberto Moreau
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Social Media
for tourism and gastronomy
which we analyse and maintain for you with an international team.
Here a brief overview of a few Social Media you should be manage, how to maintain each and what your guests expect from you depending of their nationality.
The Goal: Attract users with pictures of your service and your staff. Show them you’re the best.
Best Posting Frequency: No more than once a day, min. 2 times a week. Users want quality content.
The Goal: To be relevant in the eyes of your customers, announce immediate news, and respond to your customers.
Best Posting Frequency: Up to max. 5 times per day.
The Goal: Build a community for your customers by encouraging page visits and comments.
Best Posting Frequency: Max. 1-3 times a day.
The Goal: Increase your website clicks and get more clients from Google Search results.
Best Posting Frequency: You only need to set it up once. But the ranking could be improved.
The Goal: Good reviews in several languages from customers. Check all languages.
Best Posting Frequency: Constant control of ratings and respond quickly.
The Goal: Good reviews in several languages from customers.
Best Posting Frequency:
and some more... •••

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